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We provide speciarized services regarding the clearance of goods (both import & export) from customs. We assist our clients in providing intensive and equally exclusive cargo customs clearing services. Our Customs agents have in-depth knowledge of clearance regulations and procedures, Pakistan customs Tariff CGO and SRO implications.

Our clearance services are not limited to any specific industry, commodity/ item, however some of the major competencies of NBS are as follows.

Core Competencies/Specialization

Petroleum Products

Having 40 years of experience NBS is one of the most experienced service provider in the clearance of petroleum and affiliated products which includes Crude Oil, MOGAS, Diesel, Lubricants, and Fixed Assets etc. During last 20 years we have served some of the top petroleum companies in Pakistan like Byco Petroleum, Attock Petroleum etc.

CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor)

National Business Services is one of the major service provider under the first phase of CPEC which was mainly based upon Power and Infrastructure projects.

Power Projects

During last 10 Years NBS has successfully offered custom clearance and affiliated services to many large scale Power Project companies. We have well experienced team who understands the implication of 5th Schedule of Custom Act and 6th Schedule of Sales Tax Act for taking an exemption where possible and completed power projects successfully under and before CPEC as well.

Infrastructure projects

During last 15 years NBS has served some of the major local and International Construction and Engineering companies working on infrastructure projects in Pakistan. Even before CPEC NBS was serving some of the major E&P and engineering companies who were building and upgrading some of the Multi-Million dollar infrastructure projects in Pakistan.

Clearance of Ships and Other Floating Craft including Tugs, Barges, Dredger etc.

In Pakistan one of the most challenging tasks is to do the custom clearance of Ships and floating crafts including Barrage or a tug Boat, Dredger, etc. on both permanent and temporary bases and under Bare-boat Chartered.

NBS is proudly leading the industry in this domain as well, we have successfully cleared majority of the vessels came to Pakistan during last 10 years on temporary basis and simultaneously Re-Exported them as well under Duty Drawback scheme and special provisions.

Temporary Import & Re-Export

Import or Export is the most common service that any good clearance company can offer, challenge is to Import any item on temporary basis and then re-export that item from Pakistan smoothly. This is useful for shipping artwork for exhibitions, promotional materials for trade shows or sports equipment for training or competition.

In Temporary Import any importer can bring goods into a country for a brief period of time. This is a very beneficial way of import especially for international companies who ship cargo internationally as import duties are totally of partially gets suspended.

If you plan to re-export your goods unchanged, you can make use of temporary import under TIR carnet/ATA Carnet, Standard Temporary Import (for power project ect.) or Temporary Import under Bond.

For each and every case temporary import regulation is not same because its implication gets changed in every scenario depending upon the reason of import or the type of item. Releasing Security/Bank Guarantee or Post Dated Cheaque after re-export are some of the common task involved in temporary shipments clearance.

NBS has done many shipments imported on temporary basis and re-exported them successfully as well.

E&P and Drilling Sector

Beside routine clearance service one of NBS unique selling preposition is the application of SRO 678, which is considered to be one of the most challenging SRO among few other. We have used this SRO successfully mainly for our E&P & Petroleum and drilling sector clients.

Export cum Re-import for Repair/Replacement

A very Strong knowledge and understanding is needed for sending any machinery part or item outside of Pakistan under Repair and Replacement head. NBS has mastered this unique service as well and managed many complex cases related to Repair and Replacement cases.

Steel & Allied Products

NBS has a vast experience of handling steel products shipments, as some of our clients import allot of Steel and allied products into Pakistan due to which we have a good understanding of this domain as well.

Telecommunication and IT Equipment

NBS has a very well experienced and educated team to handle any equipment which gets imported by our telecommunication and IT sector.

Special Economic ZonesGwadar Free Zone (Rashkai, Gwadar,Faislabad etc)

Companies established under SEZ (Special Economic Zone) have completely different custom clearance requirements and NBS very well understand those requirement and exemptions.

China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited

“Satisfied with the performance of this company because of in-time clearance, very strong grip over a relevant SRO’s, case/project handling and relationship with Customs/FBR officials”.

China Harbour Engineering Co.Ltd

“The project “Pakistan Energy Terminal (LNG Terminal At Port Qasim”. has been completed successfully and in respect of their services and knowledge we are completely satisfied with the performance carried out by them for in-time clearance, transparency and transportation of our shipments”.

Goldwind International Holdings (Hk) Limited

“NBS has extended their custom clearance, freight and transportation services in Pakistan, and we are fully satisfied with the performance of this company mainly because of its in-time clearance services, Knowledge about Repair/Replacement cases/SRO’s, project handling and relationship/network in Pakistan Customs”

Kyung Dong Civil Engineering

“National Business Services is a very professional organization having qualified team, experience and knowledge behind them. We have an excellent experience with them regarding custom clearance and logistic services. As we are not physically located in karachi so a reliable and trustworthy custom agent is a must to have in our case”.

BYCO Petroleum Pakistan Limited

“All of our shipments coming in Pakistan get cleared from customs successfully and in respect of their services and knowledge we are completely satisfied with the performance carried out by them for in-time clearance, transparency and transportation of our shipments”.

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